A great place to live

I love where we live, and not just because it comes with my job and costs us nothing. I love the charm of our old farm house. I love that it has character. I love that it has new windows and insulation in the attic so I am not freezing my butt off this winter! Mostly, I love feeling good about where we are raising our son! Every now and then I miss living in a neighborhood... Last night Jeff and I were reminiscing about playing in the snow with our childhood friends. I was starting to feel a little bad that Eli can't just go outside and all of a sudden have a neighborhood worth of kids come out too but then we went out to play in the snow today and I loved that we didn't see another car the whole time that we were outside. He could run around wherever he wanted because everywhere that he could walk was "ours" (camp is 660 acres... he would have to go pretty far to be going in someone else's yard). We will just have to make sure we are very intentional about invite his friends over when he is older. We have something better than a neighborhood.... we live in a community! The Lutherlyn community has been an important part of my life for a long time but now that Jeff and Elijah are a part of this "camp family" it is even better and more complete. I love that we can feel like we are completely alone on our little corner of the property yet we know that there are several other families that share this place and mission with us PLUS thousands of people who come and go throughout the year who we get to share this wonderful place with. It is so great to feel such a sense of purpose and belonging at a place that is my home, my work, my calling, my greatest memories, the source of most of my closest friends, and a blessing to so many people. Thank you God!


  1. YAY! I'm so excited to have found your blog :) I agree, you have a gorgeous farmhouse. Plus, as a girl who never experienced living in a a neighborhood... Eli is LUCKY! Kids like Eli and I get to build forts, use our imagination, climb trees, read books, and have complete assurance of the safety of their land!

  2. Thanks Julie! I agree. Plus, when he is older he can call his friend Hazel to come over and play!

  3. outside = happy kids!