19 Months!

Elijah is 19 months old today! Another wonderful month for the Roberts' family! Eli is growing and learning so fast. Some of this month's excitement:

- Elijah is talking up a storm and signing "more", "all done", "please", "apple", "eat", "drink", "ball", and "milk" (he says the words too so the sign is totally un-necessary but it is very cool to see how much he has learned and how much he is making the effort to communicate).

- We put a toddler potty in each of the bathrooms. Eli is nowhere near ready for potty training but we want him to get used to it being there and start to understand what it is for. I don't think he gets it yet. The extent of which he has acknowledged the potty is that he picks up the "bowl" (you know, the part that he will actually pee and poop in) and he does one of three things.... 1) he puts it on his head and says "hat" or 2) he puts it up to his mouth and says "cup" or 3) he puts crackers in it and stirs it with a spoon. Any way... BAD NEWS!

- When we say "smile for the camera" he squints his eyes and makes a sour face. It is very funny but not so great for photo taking:

- Eli goes to toddler story time at the Butler Library every Tuesday. I went with him the first time (and I will be going with him several times in March) and he goes with Jon every week. He loves it! They do puppets, songs, stories, dances, and coloring. His favorite song is "shake your silly out" and he loves to dance in front of the whole group (even where there is no music playing).

Just a small sampling of our month. We hope you are all doing well! We are ready to start playing outside again!

Deb, Jeff, and Elijah

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