Breakfast of Champions!

Just a quick post....

I made yogurt for the first time ever and I could not believe how easy it was! So, for breakfast every day I have been eating yogurt with a little bit of jam or apple butter mixed in it for some fruity flavor and some granola added for a little crunch. All things that I made! It is yummy and it feels great to know that I know exactly what is in it because I made every part of it. Just another step in the "real food" challenge.


  1. WOWSERS! Jake did this awhile ago and as soon as my kitchen is unpacked I'm planning on trying this. It'll be so perfect as baby food! If i doesn't work, I'm just gonna force you to quit your job so that you can cook/dry/etc for me :)

  2. Nice job, Deb! I think we'll have the rest of our Real Food Challenge breakfasts at your house...

  3. Yum! I want that breakfast, too. I'm gonna give it a try!