Baby Smiles!

I entered my favorite baby picture of Eli on a "Photo of the week" blog. Eli was almost 3 months when this picture was taken:Here is a link to the site:


20 Months!

Elijah is 20 months old today! Another great month full of "firsts" and great adventures!

Elijah is talking a ton. Some of his new words/phrases:

- When he is on the swing we count to three before we push him. As soon as we say "one" he then says "two" ("two" is followed by "five" but he is only 1 year old so I am forgiving of the fact that he is skipping 3 & 4 and just excited that he recognizes that we are counting and he knows some numbers).

- He is great with animal noises. We ask, "what does a chicken/cow/dog/owl/snake/bee/lion/sheep/etc. say?" and he makes the appropriate noise. Now we can also ask "what does a pirate say" and he answers "arrrrghhhh". It is very cute!

- "Phone" is his favorite word right now. He picks up pretty much anything that is rectangular and hold it up to his face and says "hello?" Then he babbles like he is having a very serious conversation.

This past week I was upstairs and Jeff and Eli were in the kitchen. I came downstairs and Elijah was standing on the dining room table. I said to Jeff, "Did you not know that our son is standing on the dining room table?" He looked up from the dishwasher and I gave him a "why-aren't-you-watching-our-son-more-closely" look. The next morning Eli and I were playing in the living room. I got up to go to the bathroom so I closed the gate that keeps him confined to the living room. I was gone for less than 1 minute and when I walked back in the room he had climbed onto the back of the recliner (see the picture) reaching for the computer and the remote controls. HE IS FAST!!! I swear the day before that he couldn't even get himself onto the chair. He looked at me, smiled, and said "HI MAMA!"

For those of you who don't know, my dad went into the hospital last Friday. He has a blood clot in his lung and in his leg. He is on 2 different blood thinners right now and just waiting for the meds to be regulated so he can come home (it sounds like Saturday is the earliest that he will be coming home). It was very scary for all of us (him especially) but he seems to be doing much better now. So, we have been back and forth to the hospital in Pittsburgh alot. Elijah has been a total trooper! He cheers his pap up so much and he has been so good with the car rides and sitting int he hospital room (he is a little grabby and we try to keep him in his stroller but we can't expect our 20 month old to sit still for that long). Prayers are greatly appreciated!
Dawn is flying home for Easter so she can see my dad. Eli says "Dawn" sometimes when we show him her picture... I am really hoping he will say it to her!

We hope you are all doing well! Happy Easter!

Deb, Jeff, and Elijah