21 months old!

Hello Friends!

Elijah is 21 months old today! He is doing great! He is growing so fast and learning do much! Highlight of our month:

- Easter was wonderful! My dad came home from the hospital on Good Friday and Dawn flew home for the long weekend. WE enjoyed a nice relaxing family weekend together. Eli was not very interested in his Easter Basket or Easter eggs but he loved just running around the yard.

- We went to Erie last weekend for a long weekend away together. We had a great time and Elijah did wonderfully! For the first time in his life he slept through the night ALL THREE NIGHTS in his Pack & Play. He has always been a great sleeper at home but not so great anywhere else. We were so happy and it really alleviated alot of stress that I usually feel when we are away because of the constant fear of not getting a good night sleep. We went to the zoo, the Children's Museum, Presque Isle, swam at the hotel pool, ate out, shopped, and visited Pymatuning to feed the fish on the way home. We all loved being away together!

- Elijah is now "binky free"! He has napped without it for the last week and this is his second night without it. I really thought it would be a difficult battle but he didn't fuss at all. We did our regular bedtime routine, just without the binky. He asked for it, we said no and put him in his crib. He fell asleep just like any other night... no tears or anything. YEA!

- Elijah is talking a ton! It is so cool to hear what he has to say! He counts to 5 (although he skips 4 sometime). We have a "Letter Factory" DVD with songs about the sounds that letters make. It came with flashcards with pictures of each letter. When we hold them up, for about 1/2 of them, he makes the correct sound for that letter. Jeff and I are completely shocked! He has only watched the DVD 4 or 5 times in the last 2 weeks. I can't believe how much he remembers.

- We are working on the meaning of and appropriate response to the words "no" and "stop". It is pretty clear that he knows what those words mean because he looks up, smiles, and then goes ahead and does what we told him not to do. He has had quite a few time-outs. He is very independent and, when he is in a familiar place, he isn't very good at listening. We "tested" him at camp this past week. We told him to walk with us, then we just started walking. We were really hoping that eventually he would follow us. He didn't. He totally outwitted us. We walked one way and he walked the other until we chickened out and ran to get him. I am happy that he is comfortable at camp but I really wish he would notice and care that he is getting farther and farther away from us.

- Eli will be hiking in the Hike-a-Thon at Lutherlyn tomorrow! I will have pictures next month. He has raised almost $300 for the campership fund! Thank you to everyone who has sponsored him.

We hope you are all doing well! Take care!

Deb, Jeff, and Elijah

*Oh yeah, Elijah is also mastering the fine art of the "evil eye". He has just started doing this when he doesn't like what is going on. Jeff and I usually laugh about it so he knows that it isn't effective (and it really is funny).

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