Garden Started!!!

Our garden is well on it's way! I have been thinking about our garden for awhile now; trying to plan it all out so that we get most of our veggies after summer camp is over (since we eat in the dining hall most of the summer). The thing that I was not particularly excited about was cleaning out all of the weeds and crap that accumulated in the garden since last fall. Well, my WONDERFUL dad, who retired recently, came to our house twice and did a TON of work! The garden is now all dug up, weeds gone, nice dirt mounds, and rocks raked out. Jeff and I got the first row of garden cloth down on Monday night and I got some things planted this evening. I am hoping to finish the garden cloth tomorrow night after Eli goes to bed. I have to say, gardening is much more fun and relaxing when the really hard work is already done! THANK YOU DAD!!! My hope is that we will be able to eat from the garden in the late summer and early fall and that I will be able to freeze and can enough that we have good veggies through the winter.
My next garden project is potatoes in barrels. I first read about this from my friend over at Life Under a Blue Roof and I was curious and interested. I started looking through our garage to see if we had anything that I could use for the potatoes. It turns out that camp had some of the same blue barrels that "Grace" used for hers. So, I have those and will be working on that next. Photos to come when I get that project going.... time is limited, I can usually get about 60-90 minutes in the garden after Eli goes to bed. So, things are started! I will keep you posted!

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