The Robert's family had a great time in our yard last night! We dug up potatoes and picked strawberries, tomatoes, peaches, and apples.

I learned about planting potatoes in barrels from my friend "Grace" over at www.lifeunderablueroof.blogspot.com. We planted the potatoes in early May and added layers of dirt as the plants grew. Once the barrels were full, we just let them sit and grow.... it was probably the easiest thing I have ever grown in our garden. So, yesterd ay we pulled the dead plants out and started sifting through the dirt for potatoes. IT WAS FUN!!! I felt like we were searching for burried treasures! Elijah LOVED playing in the dirt and every time he saw a potato he would shout "another one" and then take it and put it in our bucket. We did 3 barrels of potatoes (russet, yukon gold, and banana potatoes). We got about 15-20 potatoes out of each barrell. I need to find more barrels for next year because the potatoes should keep for a while. I loved that we got to harvest our potatoes together as a family... I would like this to become one of our family traditions. When Eli is a grown-up I would love for him to tell his kids about picking potatoes with his mom and dad. We are going to eat some of our potatoes for dinner tonight so I will let you know how they are.

We also discovered a peach tree next to our garden. It is a curious thing.... in June I saw these little round fuzzy green things growing on a "bush" in our woods and I commented that it looked like peaches but it couldn't be peaches because peaches grow on trees. Well, it turns out that it is a peach tree but it is covered in grapevines and other overgrown trees so it isn't growing very well. We are going to clear out around it so that it will grow. The peaches are small and spotted but I am going to use them to make peach jam. Very fun!

Our apple tree also has huge trees growing around it so it is not thriving either. We are going to clear out around it also. We did get about 8 apples off of it and they are good! I picked Eli up to pick an apple and he picked it, took a bite, and said "yummy mama". He then ate the entire thing (really.... the entire thing... core, seeds, everything.... oops!)

I can not fully express how much I love where we live and I love that my son will grow up knowing where his food comes from and being an active participant in growing it! Sure, it is educational but we also really had alot of fun together last night!

We put the cold frame in the garden last night and will be planting lettuce in it for a November harvest. I am excited to see if it works, I have never tried this before. I'll let you know!


  1. YUM! I can't believe you found a peach tree! LUCKY! And if there's any woman who can turn a runt peach into a tasty jam, it's YOU!

  2. Hi Deb! You won the giveaway over at Girl Talk for the Family Life books! Be sure to get us your info so we can mail out your books! Congrats!