Great Fall Game

I was inspired by a toddler activity that I saw and modified it to work for us.It is just 3 different kinds of candy corn, 3 cups, and clip art of the candy corn. There are many different ways to play with this:
  • Sorting - Sort all of the candy corn, put it in the cup with the photo that matches.
  • Math and Counting Games - Count the candy as you put it in the cup. "Eli, can you put three pumpkins in the pumpkin cup". Add up how many are in the cup. Subtract from the cup.
  • Concepts of quantity - which cup has more, some, none, all.
We have had fun with this simple game. AND, Elijah has not asked to eat all of the candy.... he likes the game so much that he doesn't want to eat it!

Off to the races....

Elijah LOVES cars, trucks, construction vehicles, trains.... pretty much anything with wheels. So, when I saw this idea I came up with a modification that worked for us and made this portible road system.
It is just grey felt and yellow paint. That's it! I got the felt to also make some stop signs and street lights, but they are not finished yet. We already took this away with us for a weekend and it worked great! Elijah could build his roads and race his cars and it took up very little space.

The original idea came from http://lilmoptop.blogspot.com/2010/10/easy-fabric-roads.html

Long TIme!

It has been over a year since I blogged.... too much to do and not enough time to do it! I just joined pinterest and I LOVE it! It is replacing all of the projects and ideas that I print and then lose track of. So, my creative crafty side has been seriously neglected lately (something to do with having two kids and working full time). I have set a goal that I think is very realistic... I am going to do/make/cook/craft at least 1 thing that I have pinned on pinterest each month. I think that is a pretty realistic goal. I am going to do a simple blog with a photo of each thing, just to share what I learned and to keep myself on track with my goal.

Here is the first thing that I did from my pinterest bulletin board:

Last week I was the snack mom for Eli's pre-school class. It was orange day and they are learning all about pumpkins this month so it made sense to make these really cute and easy treats. It is just rice krispy treats, made the normal way. When you are done melting the marshmallows, you add orange food coloring before adding the rice krispies. Then, you scoop them out onto a greased cookie sheet with an ice cream scoop. As they start to get hard, push a tootsie roll into the top and shape it into a pumpkin shaped ball. The green is just cookie frosting. Super easy and really cute. Love it! The original idea came from http://grinandbakeit.com/. There are TONS of really cute ideas there!

Stay tuned for my next Pinterest craft!